August 25, 2011

Thanks Pa

Green apple
From Flickr
Today was especially stressful.

There are so many different issues and problems happening all at once.

There were a few times that I wanted to drop everything, get in my car, and drive far away.

This feeling came to me when I was about to sit down and hurriedly eat my lunch in my car, which can be really depressing.

I picked up a small green apple. It was warm from sitting in my lunch bag in the car. I bit into the crisp tart skin and relished in its crunchy juicy flesh. It was delicious. I was instantly brought back to the summers I spent at my grandfather's apple orchard as a child. I smiled as I remembered helping him pick the various apples in his large orchard. I loved that I could pick an apple straight off of a tree and eat it right then and there; its skin gently warmed by the sun. Even though Pa died several years ago, it felt as if he was there with me, telling me that all I have to do is sit there and enjoy the apple and know that everything will be okay.

It is funny how little things can bring you back and instantly change your mood.

Thanks Pa.



  1. I was driving to work one day and super stressed and in the bumper to bumper traffic and on the sidewalk was an older man taking cell phone pictures of a bunch of sunflowers. Just seeing that made me happy. Probably one the sweetest things I've ever seen.

    It's like an opposite Murphy's Law where the universe conspires to randomly make you happy.


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