September 4, 2011

Good News: Closed-Captions Not as Heavily Censored

**UPDATE: Issue has been resolved.**

I watched parts of Breaking Bad tonight on AMC (American Movie Classics) tonight, and it appears that the closed-captions are not so heavily censored as they were before! I have not been watching the show on AMC for a few weeks now, and I do not know when this started. It seemed as if just two weeks ago the closed-captions were heavily censored.

Tonight, the words hell, damn, God, Jesus, and piss were not censored. These words used to be censored in the captions. They did however censor the word sh-- in the captions while you can hear the character say it.

Nevertheless, this is good news. It is something. But, I wonder what is going on. Why are they still censoring words like sh--, but not words like hell, even though a few weeks ago this word was censored in the captions, but not when spoken. I wonder if this has anything to do with Comcast? I did receive a phone call from a representative of Comcast about my complaint to the FCC. I have not had the chance to call them back. Hopefully, I will be able to reach someone tomorrow. Perhaps they were able to somewhat fix the problem? 

I'll keep you posted.

Picture still of uncensored closed-captions:

Well, then insist on it, damn it!


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