September 24, 2011

How to Find Captioned YouTube Videos

Hello, teachers! Let's say you want to show a video to your students, but would like to use a video that is captioned or subtitled. YouTube can be an option. There are many YouTube videos that are captioned or subtitled.

The way I search for YouTube videos with captions is to type in the search box, "topic, cc". For example, if you want captioned videos of monkeys, you can type 'monkeys, cc'.

Or you can 'filter' the search results. For example, if you would like to show videos of the butterfly cycle, first, type in 'butterfly cycle' in the search bar (located top left of YouTube page). Next, you click on 'Filter' (located above the search results-in blue letters). You should see CC (closed captions) in the options. Select this option, and a list of new videos should appear. They should have blue CC symbols indicating that they are closed-captioned.

If you are looking for an easier to follow guide, read Hearing Spark's excellent blog post, How to Search Google & YouTube For Only Closed Captioned Videos.



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