PBS Kids' Cornerstones: 3 Stories Narrated in ASL, SEE, and Cued English

Cornerstones from PBS Kids has three different stories narrated in SEE, ASL, and Cued English/Speech.

This site is a little hard to navigate, in my opinion. When you go to the homepage, click on one of the three stories by 'The Teaching Units' (bottom right). When you are on the page of one of the stories, click on 'Story' (top middle, by 'Games'). You should see some links for downloading the video of the story in ASL, SEE, and/or Cued Speech. To download the videos, you will need QuickTime Player.

Link to website:  http://pbskids.org/lions/cornerstones/

 Picture from one of the stories narrated in Cued English.



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