September 30, 2011

Response to Hearing Sparks' Excellent Post

Hearing Sparks wrote a great post about how hearing loss can be inconsistent for her. Sometimes she can hear certain sounds, and other times not so much. It depends on a lot of factors. Below is an excerpt of her post:

Hearing loss can be a really tricky thing. One of the trickiest things I have found to grasp about hearing loss is how it's not always consistent.

For example, just because I heard someone speaking at a certain tone of voice once and was able to understand them doesn't mean I will be able to understand them the next time they speak. Or because I was able to tell where a sound came from once doesn't mean I can do it again. Read more . . .
Here is my response to this (for some reason the comment box kept gobbling up my comments. I don't think they went through):

I can relate. For me, proximity can make a difference. I was just explaining to a teacher the other day about why I cannot hear a certain timer when it goes off. It produces a very high pitch sound. Its frequency is probably in the areas my right ear has a severe hearing loss in (my left ear is profoundly deaf to these sounds). However, when I brought the timer close to my right ear, I could somewhat hear it. If I don't wear my hearing aid, I will not hear it, no matter how close I bring the object to my ear. It is weird.

Yes, you are right, hearing loss is inconsistent. It depends on a number of factors. It is very hard to explain this to others who don't understand.

It can be frustrating, but it can be humorous and a blessing sometimes. I was lucky that I could not hear the timer go off in a classroom, while everyone else were driven crazy by it, until someone finally found it.  : )


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