October 19, 2011

A Student Explains to His Class How He Hears

According to his classroom teacher, one of my students, a fifth grader, openly talks to his teachers and peers about his hearing loss. His teacher thought it was interesting when he explained why he was unable to hear some sounds, such as a bird chirping outside, while he can hear other sounds. She said that he used terms such as "high frequency" "pitches" and "degrees". He spoke to them about a variety of hearing related things such as hearing aids, sign language, speech, communication issues, and how we hear with our brains. She is impressed with how articulate he is. He is considering doing a project about hearing loss and is currently busy picking out a specific topic he would like to focus on.

Wow! It sounds as if he has been listening to me talking to him about his hearing loss, what it is and what it means. I can't believe he has been doing his own research about various deaf and hard of hearing issues.

But, I am also happy that he explores other interests, such as football and collecting rocks. I would be concerned if he obsessively focused on talking about and researching hearing loss. He knows that there is more to him than his hearing.

By the way, this is the same student who told his parents that he wants to be an advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing when he grows up

Interesting kid.


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  1. Hopefully this student keeps it up! He sounds like he could really do something amazing when he's an adult. :)


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