December 27, 2011

I Love Reading

who thinks i have a book problem? (274/365)
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I wonder if the reason why I love to read and started reading voraciously at a young age is because it does not involve listening. Being hard of hearing, listening can be hard work and tiring for me.

With a book, I see everything that is being said and I don't have to ask the book to repeat itself or rephrase itself. With a book, I have full access, except when I come across a word I don't understand. When this happens, a dictionary nearby solves the problem quickly. With a book, I can relax. I don't have to strain my neck, squint my eyes, lean forward and concentrate on what is being said. I can escape in a really good book from my everyday struggles with listening.

Books have been one of my best companions growing up. They have been great teachers as well, letting me practice my speech when I read out loud to myself. 

I love reading and can't imagine not being able to read. I would have been one frustrated and tired little girl if I did not learn to read as a young child.

I am very thankful for books!



  1. If like me all you had for presents at birthdays and xmas were books and your dad read at least 5 every week, then reading was a norm in my house. There is nothing worse than illiteracy. What bothers me is Kindle and stuff like that, I hate electronic ebooks and prefer the real thing to hold in my hand. Currently I have 250 books and read at LEAST two newspapers every day and a book once a week, but I hate 'blockbusters' and such that try to change original writing. I don't like 'new' takes on original stories, few if any are as good. Books are of their time and should not be changed to 'this' time.

  2. Love this post, (e.
    I often read too quickly and miss details. When they are referred to later on, I have to page back until I find what I missed. Books are more accommodating in these circumstances than people I find. ha, ha.
    Happy reading in 2012.

  3. Thank you Speak Up Librarian,
    Happy reading in 2012 to you too!


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