March 5, 2012

Captioning in the Classrooms A Big Hit

Apparently, more and more students are requesting closed captioning or subtitles in some of the high schools I work at.

Many students who have been exposed to captioned media, because it is necessary for their deaf and hard of hearing classmates, absolutely love it. A few kids mentioned how they like that it helps them with their note taking. Others really like that they now know exactly what is being said, because even with their typical hearing, sometimes it can be hard to understand what someone is saying in a video. I bet this makes it easier for them to not have to focus so much. Overall, captioned media has been a big hit.

As you can imagine, this makes the deaf and hard of hearing students happy and feel more accepted in their classrooms, while the teachers are happy with the positive impact captioned media is making on their students.

Yay captions!



  1. i am the only hearing impaired person in my high school and my IEP says that i need captions on videos we watch in class, but my teachers either cant get videos with captions or dont know how to turn them on and neither do i, what do you suggest i do?

    1. Do you have a deaf/hh teacher? I would talk with your deaf/hh teacher or case manager and see how he or she can help. In addition, I would recommend that you to talk to your teachers. If you know how to find captioned videos or how to turn on the captions or subtitles, show your teachers how to do this. I bet they would appreciate help with how to set up captioned media.

      If some are reluctant to provide captions, even if they know how to find captioned videos or turn them on, I would remind them that it is in your IEP and that they have to follow it, otherwise they will be in compliance. But, I doubt you will come across teachers who will refuse to accommodate you, at least I hope not!!

      Good luck!

    2. Here is some information for your teachers:

      This is a link to a previous blog post of sites that have captioned educational videos. I think the Described Captioned Media Program would be more appropriate for you.

  2. I always use closed captioning for tv and movies, and some of my former (hearing) roommates have discovered that they actually like them, and use them even when I am not there. Of course, some people hate them and I have to stand up for my right to have them on.


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