March 22, 2012

Censored Closed Captions Issue Resolved!!

I got this email today from the Disability Rights Office Federal Communications Commission:

Good Afternoon Ms. [ (e ],

I have received the company response regarding your complaint. The company concludes this matter is resolved and this email to verify resolution between you, the company and this specific complaint. 

Thanks in advance.

It's official. The issue has been resolved. This is great news!!!

Being persistent and patient paid off! I don't know how many letters I sent to AMC TV Networks expressing my disappointment in how they censored the language used only in the closed captions but not the audio portion on several of their television shows such as Breaking BadHell On Wheels, and The Walking Dead. I pleaded with them to listen and to resolve the issue as soon as possible. I wanted the dialogue to match the captions. If the spoken dialogue is not censored, don't censor it in the captions. If the spoken dialogue is censored, censor it in the captions. I want to read what the hearing audience is hearing. blogged about this issue several times to the point of being obsessive. It is an important issue that I and several others feel strongly about and something needed to be done. 

A big thanks to everyone who got involved and sent complaints and letters to the FCC and AMC TV Networks!  Thank you!!!

I would also like to personally thank the following:

My family, friends, boyfriend, readers, and fellow bloggers for your encouragement and support.

My father for helping me form my thoughts and write clear and effective letters. I also want to thank him for reminding me to remain cordial, respectful, calm, and professional when discussing my issues with AMC TV Networks and the FCC. 

Scott Johnston for first pointing out this issue to me. Without Scott, I would not have started watching Breaking Bad and experience the horror of censored closed captions. 

Don Grushkin, Liddle Simpson, and Scott Johnston for your efforts and support. 

The FCC for taking my complaints seriously and helping with resolving the issue. 

Greg Hlibok, Chief of the FCC's Disability Rights Office, for your support and for taking the time to respond to our emails and to explain the situation. 

I apologize if I forgot anyone. I am writing this blog post quickly and in excitement. There were many others who got involved, but I am not sure if they want me to put their names here, for privacy reasons. 

Thank you AMC TV Networks for finally agreeing to resolve the issue fully! 

Whew! I feel like celebrating. :)

*For more information please visit Closed Captions Watch. 



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