March 31, 2012

Used Hearing Aid Drive

Hello my name is Ray Deardorff.  I'm with HearingHealth4, part of a non-profit group committed to helping people hear better by providing quality used hearing aids at affordable pricing.

One of the ways we accomplish this is through the continued support of hearing aid providers.  We are in need of used hearing aids to help meet the ongoing growing demand from the hard of hearing who can't afford the high cost of new hearing aids.

We are associated with HLAA as a provider on the financial assistance page of their website.

We are looking for donations of used hearing aids.  We would appreciate your donation of (any style) hearing aids.

All donations to HH4U are tax-deductible as contributions to a 501c3 charity.

Thank a lot - 

Ray Deardorff


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  1. What a noble cause! In this economy, more and more patients are not privileged to purchase their own hearing aids.


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