Website I am Looking at to Help With Buying a New Hearing Aid

I am currently looking at Consumer Reports' website to help me with the task of looking at buying a new hearing aid.

It contains a lot of useful information and good advice.

Does anyone know of other websites with helpful information about buying hearing aids?


Link to Consumer Report's Hearing Aid Guide:


  1. I have had my digital ReSound hearing aids for several years. My audiologist recommended them because I needed a powerful hearing aid to accommodate my hearing loss. While I appreciate the 3 directional microphones, the sound suppression, and 3 settings, I am not sure if I am using these all these features to maximize my hearing.

    Why? As these are digital aids, they were programmed in the office setting, where not all sounds are presented in a normal, everyday setting for the individual. I would like to suggest that testing and digital aid adjustments be made in a room that provides a variety of sounds: a concert, outside traffic, restaurant settings and listening to a speaker in an auditorium, to name a few.

  2. I just started thinking about getting a new hearing aid as well (I only have one). I looked online a bit, but it seemed pretty confusing. So many options. I think I will talk to my audiologist.


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