Hearing Aid Tube Changes Shouldn't Require Several Expensive Visits to the Audiologist

From AllDeaf forum:
I did ask my audie for the tubing I need another extra, in case of emergency that I might need it so badly if it's smthg happened to my tubing damage torn apart, it already dries up cracked by itself that way I don't have to come back again. She said no, that I can't buy one until I have to come back after for only a short months, it makes me so mad tired of going back/forth.
I do not think this person should be expected to keep going back to the audiologist to get the hearing aid tube replaced; a simple procedure people can learn to do themselves.

I think everyone should try to learn how to replace their hearing aid tubes, if possible. I don't know many people who have the time and money to keep going back and forth to the audiologist to get their hearing aid tubes fixed or replaced. I replace mine often. I can't imagine having to make appointments every 2-3 months for such a simple procedure. Some people replace their hearing aid tubes more often.

If replacing the tubes yourself is not an option, find an audiologist who would be willing to replace your tubes for free or cheap. It doesn't hurt to shop around. I am appalled at some of the prices some audiologists and hearing aid dispensers charge for replacing the tube. No one should have to repeatedly make visits to the audiologist to pay a fee of 10-40 dollars each time for something so simple.


Helpful information about replacing old hearing aid tubes with new ones:

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Some places where you can buy hearing aid tubes:




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