June 8, 2012

Response from Amazon (to My Reason for Closing Associates Account)

*Update: Amazon started providing closed captions for their online videos from Video on Demand. 

Nice response from an Amazon.com Associates Program representative (note the highlighted portion at bottom of response):


Thank you for writing to Amazon Associates. All we require to close an Associates account is the request to close it from the Primary account holder.

As you requested to close the account, I've gone ahead and closed your Associates account for you. If there becomes an opportunity where you would want to be an Amazon Associate again, we'd be happy to reinstate your account.

Your payment for the balance of your Associates account's advertising fee will be sent as a direct deposit in late August 2012.

You will still be able to access Associates Central to view any historical account information, but your account has been closed and you are no longer earning any referrals. Also, you'll continue to receive monthly payment reports and occasional announcements regarding policies, tools, and features for up to 60 days.
Please know that your voice has been heard and I have brought this situation to the attention of the appropriate persons in our company. I hope in the future we will be offering close-captioning services for Amazon Video on Demand and you will be in a better position to once again pursue Amazon Associates as a business endeavor.


  1. It's great to get a personalized response!

  2. Thank you for speaking up, (e. You rock!

    1. Thanks for all that you do too! You rock!


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