August 27, 2012

10 Reasons Why Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Should Advocate for Themselves

1)  To be included, not left out.

2)  To educate others.

3)  It can make their lives easier.

4)  People will take them more seriously.

5)  They won't have to depend on others so much to help them with their hearing issues.

6)  It is good practice. Speaking up when you have an issue is an important skill to master.

7)  They will get their needs met faster than those who don't advocate for themselves.

8)  It inspires others to advocate for themselves.

9)  Teachers and students will remember them.

10)  It can be the most exhilarating experience to simply speak up and watch your school life suddenly become better and more interesting.



  1. Advocacy is so important. For ourselves and for those who are too young to take the reins.

    1. I completely agree, Gary. Standing up for yourself is an important character trait, and I agree with the author - if you stand up for yourself, people will take you seriously. They will know you're the kind of person that doesn't let hearing loss stand in your way.


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