August 28, 2012

AC Units, Fans, and Vents are Not My Friends

Climate Control
Photo by belleshaw

The other day, I was engaged in an interesting spoken conversation with another person. I thought, "Oh, this is great! I can follow everything this person is saying without much trouble." It helped that it was a one on one conversation and no background noises existed. It is always nice when I am enjoying talking to someone else without any frustrations.

But, suddenly the AC in the room came alive, "WHIRRR-SHHH-BUZZZ-WHIRRRR!"

I panicked.

It did not seem to bother the other person. She kept talking.

Every spoken word became a jumble mess. I was able to catch some of what she said utilizing my lip reading skills.

"She fell off the hjgdhgdg troiijsnj and I saw that it fghdsj bazzy matches! And I could not rneut ghb njssqgyg!"


Finally, I had to tell the person the problem. I suggested we move to another room. But, thanks to the AC unit's rude interruption, it was not the same. Stopping in the middle of the conversation and taking the time to move to another room, killed the moment.



  1. I hope that one day we can invent a "sound bubble" where a device can block out noise outside a 1-meter radius. The quiet would be nice for us and hearing people too!

  2. I am so sorry this happened to you. It just shows how little awareness some hearing people have about what can distract deaf people, especially those wearing hearing aids.
    I will certainly bear this in mind when my partner gets his hearing aid soon.

  3. Do you have a digital hearing aid?

    I have used analog all my life, since I was six years old. Just recently I got two new phonak naida hearing aids. I'm having a hard time adjusting to it. The AC is loud! You're right, I can't even make out what someone is saying. I have to use my lip reading skills more. I can't even use the phone like I used to. I'm not happy. I have another hearing aid on order, same brand, but automatic program adjustment so I dont' have to adjust for background noise, phone, music, etc. In all honesty, I don't understand why hearing aid manufacturers don't make analog anymore. I really think analog should stay. The audiologists or those that make hearing aids have no clue what it is like to have hearing loss (for the most part, I will assume that) so, It befuddles me when they're the ones that say digitals are better.. Clearly I'm really annoyed. I've already snapped on the secretary of the audiologist office when she called to tell me that my new hearing aid (another one) is on backorder. I had to ask her to repeat because I didn't understand her. And, I have never had that problem!! grrrrrr I really miss my analog hearing aids. :(

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