March 31, 2013

Apps for Deaf/HH Educators

I am in the middle of trying different apps for my Android phone and tablet. I thought I share a few here that I think are useful and easy to use:

Listening and Hearing:
Ear Anatomy:
Ear ID  (The words are tiny and hard to read on phone (better visibility on tablet) )
Visual Dictionary/Thesaurus:

English Picture Dictionary 1 (1 of several series)

Talking Photo Dictionary (animals)

Speech and Pronunciation:

Sounds: The Pronunciation App

American Sign Language:

Finger Spell ASL

Signing Savvy Member App (have to be a member)

This is what I found so far for Android phones and tablets. I am still looking and trying out new apps. I am having trouble finding really good apps for language learning, especially sign language. Please share what apps (Apple or Android devices) you have found useful for deaf/hh educators and students who are deaf and hard of hearing.



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  1. Here's my App List for Kids (and Adults) with Hearing Loss:


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