March 4, 2013

Fight for Captioned Online Videos and Quality Closed Captions

It is 2013. I never thought I would still be asking companies to provide closed captions for their online videos. I am still sending emails and letters to different corporations asking them to please provide captioned online videos or web content. I am sick of getting emails from friends with funny or interesting uncaptioned or non-subtitled videos they think I would enjoy.

In addition, we should expect corporations to provide quality closed captions or subtitles. We should be able to choose the font, size, and colors that suit our viewing needs.

I also never thought I would be up against a media giant asking them to please stop censoring only closed captions. I have been told by others that I was wasting my time. Some were afraid it would make things worse if we complain about how closed captions are presented. Fortunately, with the help and support of many others, we succeeded! Something we should be proud of. :)

Links to posts about demanding AMC to quit censoring captioned content (while spoken dialogue was not):

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Why Does this Bother Me So Much? What's the Big Deal?

Is It Worth Putting Up a Fight Over the Way the Captioning is Set Up?  - YES!

Remember, being persistant pays off. Keep up the good fight.


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