March 5, 2013

Great Example of Deaf/HH Self Advocacy in School

When I went to visit a deaf high school student in her class, I was pleased to see her standing up in front of the classroom of at least 35 students showing her teacher how to turn the subtitles on for a movie to be shown in class. She did not know I was going to stop by.

This is a big deal. I have been talking to her for a while about advocating for her hearing needs in class, especially when it comes to requesting captioned or subtitled media. It was hard for her at first, because she is so shy and was frustrated by the idea of having to constantly step out of her comfort zone to speak up for herself. She preferred that I talk to her teachers and solve the problems for her. I kept telling her how important it is that she advocates for herself, no matter how annoying, uncomfortable, or frustrating it can be. She apparently has been listening and working on it! She now feels more comfortable advocating for herself at school and has little problems doing so.

It is nice that I got to witness a great example of self advocacy from one of my students. :)


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