March 22, 2013

Never Too Early For Self Advocacy

I have a student who I have been working with for only a short time. She quickly learned how to identify and name different parts of her hearing aids (tube, ear mold, battery, battery door). She knows how to clean her hearing aids and change the batteries when necessary. She loves to check the hearing aid battery using a battery tester from her hearing aid kit. She especially enjoys trying to get the moisture out of her hearing aid tubes using the hearing aid tubing blower. She transitioned from calling her hearing aids "ears" to "hearing aids" (well, really "earing aids" due to slight speech difficulties). She lets her teachers know when her hearing aids are not working. She'll usually say, "Battery not working. I need a new battery." She is not shy about letting others know that she did not hear them.

She is a whiz at self advocacy and she is only 4!

Now we are working on learning how to use an FM system, which she will use regularly when she starts kindergarten next school year. The only problem is that sometimes she wants to wear both the receiver (hearing aids) and transmitter (microphone; teacher's portion). She clips on the microphone and puts on the FM behind-the-ear hearing aids and whispers to herself into the microphone. She wants it all to herself and we have to watch her to make sure she does not sneak it into her backpack to take home.


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  1. Hearing Aid Sweat BandMarch 26, 2013 7:11 AM

    She sounds lucky to have you teaching her, and making everyone realize how capable our children are! By the way if any of your students have moisture problems, have a look at the Hearing Aid Sweat Band website & FB page.


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