April 30, 2013

Fun Pre-K Hearing Aid Activity: Hello! My Name is Ear Mold, What's Your Name?

I love working with preschoolers because I get to be creative and use silly voices or faces with them.

I have a four year old student who is working on identifying different parts of her personal hearing aids. We practice this sometimes when I see her. Having her simply name the different parts of the hearing aid is boring. I try to make it interesting. I use a construction paper cut out of a hearing aid I made myself, divided into parts (ear mold, tube, battery, and hearing aid case or hook (main/plastic part of hearing aid). To begin, I hold up an ear mold while the student may hold up a tube.

Holding up the ear mold in the air, face to face with her tube, I greet it enthusiastically, "Hello! My name is Ear Mold! What is your name?"

My student will often giggle and respond, "Uh, my name is Tube!"

Ear mold, "Great name! What would you like to do, Tube? Shall we play?"

Tube, "Yeah!"

Then tube and ear mold run off together to play on the table. Once they finish playing, battery and battery door meet each other, and so on.

Once everyone met each other and had the chance to play together, then we work on putting the hearing aid back together.

It's a little strange, but fun!

We also do this with the contents of her hearing aid kit and her FM system.


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  1. Very creative and cute at the same time. I will have to keep this in the back of my mind if I end up working with preschool/K-1 grade again.


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