May 3, 2013

Why Don't They Wear Hearing Aids?! What's Wrong With Them?!

One of my very young students told me that it makes her sad that the other kids in her class don't have hearing aids. She was honestly sad for them! I told her that they have lots of other things that make them unique. I described all their different qualities and what makes each of them interesting. She then grabbed my arm and looked at me whispering forcefully, "Yeah, but they don't have hearing aids! Why? What's wrong with them?!"

I tried so hard not to laugh.

We continued to talk about her concerns until I thought she finally understood that it is fine that the other kids don't have hearing aids. I called her parents about this. They thought it was hilarious.



  1. One time a first grader with a cochlear implant told me that his family can't hear, because "they don't have cochlears." I asked him if he thought I could hear (I am hearing). He said no! He thought everyone is the same, and the only people with the gift of hearing are those with cochlear implants... Only deaf people can hear. :)

    1. Ha! Too funny and really interesting. :)


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