I Will Be Changing the Title of My Blog

I have decided to change the title of my blog, (e  Eh? What? Huh? to (e  Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Blog. 

I will be focusing more on deaf education. It seems as if I am writing more and more about this topic these days. It makes sense to change the title to simply describe the purpose of this blog. Also, it is easier to say the title Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education Blog than Eh? What? Huh?. Eh? What? Huh? seems to elicit more confusion and Eh? What? Huh? responses from the few people I share my blog with who ask me the name of my blog. I have been asked, “Wait, what? E, who, ha? What’s the name again?” It has gotten to the point that I don’t even want to tell people the name and I’ll just give them the url address.

For now, the url will remain the same. This blog can still be found at www.ehwhathuh.com.

Just wanted to give those who read this blog a heads up before I make the change.