August 19, 2013

Using an FM System in School: Things to Consider

When I work with a student who uses an FM system in all of his or her academic classes, several questions and scenarios will fill my head, which I must discuss with the student.

Here are some questions I usually ask the student to discuss and consider:
  • What if your teacher constantly forgets to turn off his or her FM system when talking in private with other students? How will you deal with this?

  • What if your teacher constantly whistles or makes a repetitive noise you find distracting?

  • What if your teacher's necklace or lanyard constantly rubs against the microphone portion creating distracting noises?

  • What do you want the teacher to tell the students who may have not seen an FM system before? What if some students ask the teacher what he or she is using? Would you feel comfortable talking about your FM system with your classmates?

  • What if a teacher or a student makes a joke about your FM system (whether they mean to insult you or not)?

  • What will you do if your FM system suddenly stops working during class? How will you let the teacher know?

There are so many things that could happen. It would be best to discuss them with the student, so the student can be better prepared if they were to come across these issues. I also have the same discussion with their parents and teachers.


Links to websites with information about FM systems:

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