I Tried Closed-Caption Glasses at the Movies

It has been a very long time since I have seen a movie at the movie theater. It is very expensive and many movie theaters do not offer open captioned films for all movies and at times I want to see the movie. I want to enjoy myself at the movies. Being able to follow the dialogue in the movie is very important. It is not fun to try to understand what was said or to miss a funny joke told by the soft spoken actress.  If someone really wants me to go out with them to see a movie, I will use whatever the movie theater has. But, I have not been absolutely thrilled with the listening devices or the rear view captioning devices most movie theaters offer.

That being said, I have not been all that interested in venturing out to the movies on my free time.

But then I kept hearing about Sony's new captioning glasses or Entertainment Access Glasses. I heard mostly positive reviews.

You can read more about these glasses here:


If you want to see how them in action, look at this YouTube video provided by OfficeRegalMovies:

When I was recently asked to go see a movie at the theater, I jumped at the chance, eager to try the new glasses.

First, I had to make sure the theater carried them. I used the website, CaptionFish, to see which movie theaters offered these glasses.

When I was first handed the glasses in the lobby at the service desk, I laughed at how silly they looked. They are big! But, I did not care. I just wanted them to work.

I was astonished at how well they worked for me!! I love them. I really like how I can move around the captions or words on the screen. If I want the captions to be beside the speaker's head, all I had to do was press the button on the top of the glasses until the captions are moved to the right of the speaker's head.

The glasses were comfortable. They did not distract me or interrupt my viewing experience. I eventually forgot that I was wearing them.

These glasses enabled me to follow the movie without any problems. I knew exactly what the actors said. I was never lost or trying to catch up.

Thank you Sony and Regal Cinemas!

Those who have tried them, what do you think?



  1. Well, I'm glad these glasses work for you. I have tried those "glasses" at the movies. I do not like them AT ALL. They are uncomfortable all around. I find I have to keep my head straight and I cannot lean my head on the movie seat. My neck and shoulders becomes uncomfortable after the movie is over.

    My feelings are - why can't we have open captions / subtitles in the movie theatre? All of us have gotten used to the disabled toilet stall in the public restroom - it seems to be the "norm". All of us have gotten used to the wheelchair ramps in various places, such as the sidewalks. All of us have gotten used to the "awareness bumps" in front of stores that are set in place for the blind & visually impaired. So, why not open captions / subtitles in movie theatres?? Not only would it benefit the Deaf people, it would also benefit people that are losing their hearing and would appreciate the opportunity to catch a word, here and there, as well as benefit the people that are learning the language the movie is set in.

  2. I've only tried them one time and I found the assistive glasses a bit uncomfortable. I had to wear them over my normal glasses and ended up with some pain on the top of my ears and the bridge of my nose by the time the movie was over. But! I enjoyed being able to go out and see a popular movie again with my family. Very fun. I found the CC on the glasses very easy to use and had no problems following the movie. Good stuff.

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