March 20, 2015

Adding Closed Caption Option to YouTube Videos

I love a good viral video, especially when I get a chance to understand the dialogue or sounds that make the video hilarious, adorable, bizarre, gross, shocking, or all of the above. Otherwise, I am usually left in the dark unless I am able to read about it or have it explained to me. But, it takes all the fun out of it. I just want to be able to view fun videos whenever I want without having to watch it over and over again for clarification or just be frustrated knowing I did not get all of what was said.

I hope more people will take the time to caption or subtitle their videos, no matter how stupid the videos are. Many deaf and hard of hearing people enjoy watching people making total fools out of themselves or adorable baby animals being, well, adorable. If it has dialogue, it would be awesome if there is the option to see it in subtitles or closed captions.

Here are some videos about adding closed captions or subtitles to YouTube videos:

Nice video in ASL about why captioning YouTube videos is important. They list several good reasons:



  1. Just found your blog!!! Yeahhh! an active D/HH blog!!
    I will have to save this post about CCing!!
    Suzan VandeVelde
    D/HH Itinerant Special Ed. Teacher
    My Blog-

    1. Woohoo! I will be contacting you soon Mrs. VandeVelde. I am interested to chat with you about DHH education. It looks like you have a lot you can teach me! I love your blog by the way. I am sharing it with my students and teachers.

  2. Your idea of closed captioning Youtube videos makes total sense. I am not actually hearing impaired. However, I do love the word videos where you can read the words of the songs and the music is playing. With hearing aids to assist with sound and seeing the words on the screen, that would make Youtube super accessible if that was a well defined video standard.


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