April 25, 2015

Students. The Things They Say and Do!

My students never fail to crack me up, challenge me, and break my heart.

Here are some examples:
  • Young student will whip out his invisible phone from time to time pretending to talk to someone. When he does this while working, I sign to him to hang up and that he needs to work. He will sometimes rest the "phone" on his shoulder with his chin and sign to the person on the phone, "Work. No talk!" before putting his "phone" away in his pocket. 
  • Student passed gas loudly and blamed it on his invisible friend. 
  • Student asked me, "How old will I be when my ears are fixed?"
  • Student gets in trouble for trying to force his friend to wear his hearing aids. 
  • "Why would anyone in their right mind become a teacher?!"
  • Tiny student holds my hand and would not let go when I had to go, signing, with my hand in his, "More!"
  • "Where did water come from? How come it is not blue like in the cartoons? What makes something clear? Is clear a color?"
  • "You make me sick." Ten minutes later, "You coming back tomorrow, right?" 
  • "Why can't they just make more money. It is just paper, right? They can just print more. No one should have to be poor and sad all the time."
  • "What's wrong with you? Why are you always happy? All smiling and stuff."
  • "Well, well, look who decided to finally show up!" Looking at his watch, "You are five minutes and 23 seconds late." 
  • Young student gasped. "Boo boo?" she asked, pointing at my pimple. 

I come to work everyday ready to laugh and cry. 



  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you for sharing what your students have said that cracked you up, challenged you, and broke your heart. I am an Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf in Maryland and I had one of my middle school students read your post that I just stumbled upon. I then had him reflect on something he shared recently with me that brought tears of joy to my eyes and made me so proud of him. After years of being reminded to wear his hearing aids, he immediately greeted me on a recent visit in front of his peers with his AHA moment.

    Thank you,

    I told my teacher that.. "I decided to wear my hearing aids every day at school and at home. Before this I always had to be reminded to put them on and I refused to. The turning point that made me feel this way was that I could not hear my classmates talking to me in a loud room and I couldn’t hear my family at home. I then finally felt frustrated about what people say to me and me not being able to hear them. Sometimes, I would even ignore the person not asking them to repeat what they said to keep them from getting frustrated. I was just getting frustrated myself rather than others getting frustrated with me. Therefore, that was my turning point to decide to wear my hearing aids every day at school and at home. If I had a piece advice for people like me, the challenge is that through the years things get tougher and you have to act up before you get really frustrated of not being able to hear people."

    1. Wow. Thanks for sharing Anonymous! Your student is lucky to have such a wonderful teacher! I would be so proud of him too.

  2. Love your student quotes!!! Several are definate DITTOs in my D/HH small group class. I'm now Itinerant with D/HH students in Gen. Ed. classrooms. So I miss that "up close and personal" relationship that I had with my students!!!
    One of my favorites is the passing gas events. When "it" happens, I would keep a straight face, but roll over laughing inside!! Of course everyone starts holding their nose and laughing. It's a great teachable moment at the beginning of the school year - that IF you feel like you need to let out gas, ask to be excused and go to the restroom. I let them know that it can be heard as well as smelled!! Of course there's always those sneeky ones!!!

    1. Ha ha! @Mrs. VandeVelde. Never a dull moment, huh?


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