November 13, 2015

Role Models: Deaf and Hard of Hearing STEM Professionals

When discussing successful people who happen to be deaf and hard of hearing, most of my students are familiar with well known professionals in the entertainment business such as Marlee Matlin and Sean Berdy. This is great, but there are many other successful deaf and hard of hearing professionals to be used as positive role models demonstrating what hard work, passion, and determination can accomplish.

Today I will focus on deaf and hard of hearing professionals working in science, engineering, technology, and mathematical fields (STEM).

I came across this website from DeafTEC:

It contains videos of professionals discussing their jobs, what they do, and how they got into their chosen fields. Very cool. Very inspiring.

Here is one:

Anything to get the kids excited about their futures!



  1. What an awesome web link!!!
    So very important for our high school students!!
    THANK YOU for sharing!!
    HOpe you don't mind me passing it along!!

  2. Don't mind if you do! Please share! Thanks!! ��

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