January 7, 2016

Deaf High School Student Wants to Start ASL Club

A high school freshman student just transferred from another school system to one of the high schools where I serve dhh students as an itinerant or "traveling" deaf/hh teacher. She is profoundly deaf and uses sign language (mixture of English signs and ASL). She primarily signs. She does not use her voice. She is a very bright and tough young lady who during her second day at this new school announced, "I want to start an ASL club!" I totally understand why she wants to. She is the ONLY primarily signing deaf student in the entire district that uses an interpreter. How frustrating and lonely it must be.

I think an ASL club would be very well received. It would be extremely popular. I hope it would help bridge communication gaps between her and her peers. It would give her a purpose. It would be fun. It would be life changing for many. It is needed. It is about time.

So, how does one start an ASL club? Any ideas? Anyone have experience?

I want to help turn her ideas into a reality.



  1. how about a ~Facebook page. Then she could open a twitter account @ASLCLUB or something but from what you say there may be pupils at the school or other schools in the area who would join and they could meet in coffee shops once or twice a month and be on an email list. They could campaign for signed performances at theatres and clubs. I think it is BRILLIANT.

  2. Great Idea! Thanks ��

  3. How WONDERFUL that your young lady wants to start up an ASL Club. I would think that there would be a great number of students who are interested. Even if it's just a few -- you have to start somewhere and the numbers will grow!!!
    If your school does morning announcements with the morning Pledge over a smart board, she could teach the others how to do the pledge and take turns of doing the Pledge in ASL. A group could also do the Pledge at football games and basketball games.
    At my High School- you have to have all clubs approved with a teacher for a club sponsor. Check out YouTube for songs that are signed -- that would be fun.
    Check out Instagram and facebook -- Ashley Clark Fry !!!! A Deaf Girl who's endeavor is to teach ASL through social media!!! She is wonderful!!! On Instagram - signedwithheart
    Her Interpreter should be able to provide her with a good book to use to teach signs to hearing and to give the hearing students something to go by.
    I wish her the very best!!!

    1. Yep, clubs need to be approved here too. Also,the PTO needs to be given the heads up here in the even there are any fund raisers. We were not allowed to open our own bank account, rather any funds we earned had to go into the general account and items that we wanted to purchase had to go through them. (What a pain!)

      Out mission was to involve everyone and anyone that wanted to participate. Most of the students here were the kids that weren't overly involved with sports. We want to be represented at school functions, just like players, cheerleaders, band, so we would sign the National Anthem as a group, parades, musicals, etcetera. More families came out to watch the games, more kids were involved in their school events, Deaf culture, history, myths are shared, and respect for the language.....it's a win-win for all involved!

    2. Thank you for your suggestions! I really appreciate it. :)

    3. Kristi - I know, these things can be complicated and frustrating. By the way, what is a PTO?

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  10. First of all I just wanted to voice-out my opinion about deaf people. My mom is almost deaf now, when she was diagnose that her hearing senses was getting weaker she became impulsive and irritated in simple things but I understand her situation she felt like she have least attention due to her status. So I adjusted mood swings and understand her everytime. To cut the story short, my bottomline is we should treat other people normally even though they have inabilities.


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