December 9, 2016

Hearing Aid and iPhone Users: Listen Live - Does it Work?

How cool is this?! Why didn't my audiologists tell me about this?! I want hearing aids that will do this! This feature apparently turns your iPhone into your own personal FM system.

Anyone use this before? Is it only for hearing aids made for iPhones? Does it work with any hearing aid with Bluetooth capability?



  1. Hey, most Made For iPhone hearing aids have a function not unlike this. It may be called different things though. In relation to other aids, most wireless hearing aids would have some sort of remote mic accessory. This type of accessory is outstanding for people in noisy situations. I alwasy try to recommend that if people have a limited budget and buy a lower end set of aids that they stretch to a remote mic set up. It makes a huge difference. Geoff Cooling, Hearing Aid KNow

    1. Thanks for the information. Are you saying for those who don't have hearing aids with the capability to work with iPhones or other similar devices, they can add a remote mic? What is it and how does it work? Do the hearing aids have to have t-coil? I'm having issues with students whose hearing aids don't work with the wireless FM systems the school district offer. We use other types of FM systems instead.


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