February 21, 2017

Question about FM Systems and Hearing Technology for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Hello DHH teachers and audiologists.

What types of FM or hearing technology do you currently use with students? 

For students whose hearing aids that don't work with wireless FM systems or wireless microphones, what do you do? Can their audiologist program or add something to their hearing aids to make them work with these types of FM systems? 

It seems as if these hearing aids do not have T-Coil in them or Blue Tooth capability. They do not connect to the devices we offer (Roger and MyLink). Meanwhile, they use other types of FM systems. 

Any advice would be appreciated! 




  1. Amplifiers and cochlear inserts give kids who have hearing misfortune with pivotal access to their sound-related situations Help with assignment Notwithstanding, portable amplifiers and cochlear inserts are commonly insufficient to help youngsters in listening circumstances with foundation commotion, resonation (reverberate), or when attempting to speak with somebody at a separation. FM and DM frameworks can give extra help in testing listening circumstances for kids with hearing misfortune.

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