About Me

My name is Elizabeth Mayton. I write and manage this blog. This blog is about education, deaf and hard of hearing issues, and life with a hearing loss.

I have a bilateral sensorinueral hearing loss (possibly from birth). I am profoundly deaf in my left ear and slightly deaf in my right ear (moderate severe-profound loss in the high tones, typical-slight loss in the lower tones). You can read How Do I Hear? for more information. I wear a hearing aid in my right ear. I have been wearing hearing aids since I was a 2 years old.

Currently, I am an itinerant teacher for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. I am known as the "hearing aid teacher" and the "speech teacher" to some. Either label does not accurately describe my job. I think it is funny to hear little kids sometimes call me the "hearing aid lady". You can read about my early experiences in teaching and how I became an itinerant teacher here and here.

I know American Sign Language, yet I am not a native or fluent signer. I started learning sign language several years ago. It is what led me to become more interested in hearing loss and Deaf culture. I rely on lip-reading and clear, understandable speech. I am always interested in deaf and hard of hearing issues, especially ones I can relate to.

"What's up with the (e ?" you are probably wondering. This is my logo created by my husband, Jose Gross. The e represents an ear and the ( represents a hearing aid. Isn't that cute? :) He is also responsible for the photograph of me signing e. And he created this doll. Yes, he is awesome.