How Do I Hear?

Basically, I have moderately severe-profound sloping hearing loss in my left ear (moderate-severe in frequencies lower than 1000 Hz and profound rising to severe deafness in 1000 Hz and higher) and mild-severe hearing loss in my right ear only in the high frequencies (higher than 750 Hz). In the lower frequencies, 250 Hz to 750 Hz, I have typical hearing.

I can't hear much with my left ear (I can feel vibrations and hear low and loud sounds). For example, I am unable to talk on the phone using my left ear. I have always talked on the phone using my right ear. If someone talks quietly into my left ear, I will not understand what they said.

I can hear fairly well with my right ear except in the high frequencies; I have trouble hearing whispering, water running, certain high pitch tones, voices of children, everyday speech, etc.

From my most recent audiological examination from 2012:

Right Ear: Within normal limits 250-750 Hertz, mild-severe sensorinueral hearing loss 1-8k Hertz

Left Ear: Severe hearing loss 250 - 750 Hertz, sloping to profound hearing loss 1-8k Hertz

My audiogram (how to read one):